"What's this all about?" I hear your minds mulling over.  Well let me tell you.

StarFighter : Reborn is a concept role-playing game I am developing in my own time.  At the minute, i have no real plans to play it and no real plans to develop it to the end, unless I manage to get it completed.  It might take years or I may get bored within 2 weeks, but who knows and more importantly who cares.

The idea itself revolves around the idea of a 1 player RPG where a "Games Master" (no official title as of yet) and a player (lets call him/her a "StarFighter") set out a world and a character that exist to explore/buy/sell/kill/enjoy the universe.  This is a universe constructed entirely from the imagination of the participants.  A wide array of technology will be available to buy, sell or eat and numerous alien characters will be fabricated to live in the vibrant and imaganitive worlds created.

In essence?  A sandbox RPG that can exist in a town, a country, a continent, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy and/or a universe.  In other words, as far as an imagination and a whole shitload of dice rolls and paper will take you.

Bear with me you sparse lot, and lets see where i get.